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At the CMO Forum, hear from marketers, futurists, anthropologists and Canada’s prominent thought leaders as they share insights on what to expect next and how to navigate the pressing issues that are changing behaviours, attitudes and choices.


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  • Globe Media Upfront: the era of engagement

    Cheap page views are so 2022. Now it's all about quality over quantity when it comes to measuring the success of content-marketing campaigns. An engaged customer is more valuable than any number of fly-bys. The challenge is that strong engagement is harder to achieve and equally difficult to maintain. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. How do you produce content an audience will want to spend time with? What are the key metrics? Sean Stanleigh, Head of The Globe and Mail's content-marketing division, goes over what brands need to consider.

  • CMO Interview: A fireside chat with PepsiCo and Unilever

    While no two marketers’ jobs are quite the same, there are challenges common to anyone trying to establish rapport with Canada’s increasingly complex consumers. This session aims to find solutions. A staple of the Forum, this year's CMO Interview will see PepsiCo's Jessica Spaulding and Unilever's Leslie Golts confide in, and consult with, one another about what's keeping them – and their marketing peers – up at night.

  • Brand-building in a world on fire

    Extreme weather and climate disasters are empowering individuals to demand urgent brand action. There is a chronic fear of environmental doom – eco-anxiety – among today's youngest generation, which companies are navigating alongside expectations that brands should make a meaningful difference in the world. Using global case studies, Humanity's Ryan Hughes and the Research Strategy Group's Amy Knowles will explore the behavioural science behind environmentalism and how some brands are turning eco-anxiety into eco-optimism through effective sustainability messaging.

  • How we're learning from (and teaching) AI to do our homework

    Love it or hate it, artificial intelligence is flooding the industry as workplaces march down a path of (likely) no return. For some, generative AI systems are already a part of their routine workflow. For others, discussions and investments in re/upskilling teams are seriously being considered. Moderated by tech consultant Alex Panousis, this session will explore how leaders at Kobo, Cairns Oneil and Funday are betting on AI to revolutionize jobs, how they're setting up guardrails for success, and the lessons they've learned along the way.

  • How to deepen ties and invest in multicultural demos

    Banks, telcom giants and CPG cos have, for the most part, been the biggest spenders in the multicultural arena. Until now. There's been an uptick in ethnically and culturally inclusive campaigns from brands in auto, retail, electronics, alcohol and beauty, as marketers begin to carve out budgets to meet the Canadian mosaic. In this session, Ethnicity Matter's Bobby Sahni talks with leaders at Metrolinx, Molson, Samsung and Sephora, and about how they've managed to shift (or grow) investment to include these multicultural audiences and the clever ways they're connecting with them.

  • McCain: How an ESG pivot is capturing next-gen consumers

    In 2021, McCain chose to confront climate change head-on with a commitment to adopt regenerative agriculture practices across 100% of its potato farms by 2030. For any marketing department, of any large corporation, articulating ESG plans and promises to consumers is a tall order. Two years on and the CPG co. is in a comms groove, marking milestones in the metaverse and experimenting with culture-hacking to educate consumers about what it's doing behind closed doors. Join global head of innovation and marketing Christine Kalvenes as she shares best practices and learnings from McCain's sustainability journey so far.

  • How Subway amplified its marcom to rebuild its brand

    How do you regain consumer trust after facing significant brand challenges? Subway is rebuilding its brand again with marketing and PR firepower, which includes a revamped menu backed by consumer research and a new multi-tiered ambassador strategy. The QSR is pouring itself into a transformation that's already boosting returns. In this session, Lisa Mazurkewich, head of marketing, shares what it's taking Subway Canada to get back on track.

  • WGSN: Attention-snatching strategies to win over consumers in 2025

    If you want to create the right products and marketing for the right people, now is the time to look ahead. What will drive purchases and brand loyalty in 2025? Join WGSN senior strategist Cassandra Napoli for an exclusive download of the research firm's flagship forecast, Future Consumer 2025. Discover the key consumer sentiments that will dictate behaviour and meet the four consumer profiles driving 2025 – a year that will see seismic shifts across our industries, our communities and our planet.

  • Updating a classic: How KFC is leaning into pop culture to create new touchpoints

    Finger Lickin’ Good. Colonel Sanders. The Bucket. There aren’t many brands that have the punching power of KFC. In most markets, the QSR is a top category player. In Canada, however, KFC is looking to make a comeback. The brand is on a mission to embed itself in today's cultural moments, all while staying true to its DNA. To learn how to challenge category conventions and allow communications to be the pacesetter of business transformation, join KFC Canada CMO Katherine Bond-Debicki as she shares a sneak peak at the inner workings of the brand and its learnings so far.

  • Insights to unlock and unleash brand growth

    In this session, IMI's Vanessa Toperczer will uncover pragmatic insight to help foster brand growth. She will dive into current consumer sentiments and intentions; pinpoint areas where marketers should direct their efforts to accelerate; and reveal what we can learn from brands that are poised to win in 2024 and beyond. Insights for this session will stem from IMI data as recent as September 2023.

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